Civil Engineering & Structural Design Services

Model of a house on top of building plans, with post-it stickers, a calculator, notepads and pen

Structural design considerations

If you are planning to extend or make structural changes to your property, Rachel McCarthy Ltd can design the new steelwork, timber, masonry or concrete required and provide the necessary drawings and design calculations for Building Control Approval and for the builders.  

If you are building a new property or properties, Rachel McCarthy can help you with the foundations, drainage, and structural requirements.

If you have a structural issue with your property, Rachel McCarthy Ltd can conduct a thorough investigation and provide you with professional advice.

Drawing up your proposal

Do you need help with creating drawings for your proposal? We can survey your property and produce the drawings in computer (Autocad) format.

We use computer software to: 
  • Produce electronic drawings (Autocad), 
  • Design or check steel beams, timber, reinforced concrete and masonry.
At Rachel McCarthy, we can work with your architectural drawings to provide the added structural information you need.

Male and female architects in hard hats, in the corner of a building with city view, looking at a plan
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